For Less Than $35

For Less Than $35

Four Top Gadgets For Less Than $35 That Will Make Your Life Easier

A slow Wi-Fi connection, a lost cell phone, or empty battery – life is filled with tiny annoyances. Luckily these small yet bothering issues in life can be easily avoided with the right gadgets and gizmos. At Cheap Tech Gadgets, we offer a wide variety of the latest cool electronic gadgets that are guaranteed to make your daily life run more smoothly and efficient.

Below you will find a short overview and description of 4 cool electronic gadgets and gizmos that we at Cheap Tech Gadgets believe are great to have at your disposal. Whether it is a 3G dongle, Wi-Fi amplifier, or a key finder – these four gadgets that are available for less than $35 Dollars are guaranteed to make your everyday life a whole lot easier.

 Increase the range and speed of your router to enjoy lightning fast internet connections

One major annoyance in the life of many people out there is a slow Wi-Fi connection at home or in the office. Anybody that has ever purchased a new router knows that setting up and installing this newly purchased device can be quite a hassle. Even when you are 100% positive that you have bought a good one that provides great connectivity, somehow the signal does not travel all the way throughout your property. In such cases, a Wi-Fi amplifier such as the Wi-Fi Extender offers the perfect solution.

Featuring two built-in antennas, this Wi-Fi amplifier from Xiaomi increases the Wi-Fi strength of your router and lets you enjoy lightning fast internet connectivity throughout your entire house or office. Being able to serve up to 16 devices at once with a boosted network capacity of 3000Mb/s, the Xiaomi Mi WiFi amplifier provides ultra-high connectivity throughout your entire property.

Never lose track of your keys and smartphone again

It happens to us all – you’re in a hurry and ready to leave your home until you realize that you’ve lost your smartphone or home keys. If lucky, you will be able to find back your belongings in a minute, however, most of the time what follows is a long lasting search that covers every corner of your house before you finally manage to find back what you were searching for.

An easy way to solve this problem and to make sure to never lose your key ring, wallet, or smartphone again would be by using a Wireless Key Finder set. This set offered at Chinavasion, for example, features 1 transmitter and 5 receivers – making it a convenient high-tech solution to finding back all your small gadgets.

This wireless key finder uses the latest electronic wave search technology to locate your keys and will work up to 20 meters. Inferior technology utilizes clapping or whistling, but with this key finder, it’s just a matter of pressing the “find” button on the remote. A loud beeping alarm from the receiver will then alert the user of its location, even when hidden under a pile of clothes or stored inside your closet.  No matter where your keys lay hidden the next time you’ve lost them – with this Wireless Key Finder Set you’ll be able to find them back in no time. Now all you have to do is to make sure that you won’t lose your transmitter!

Always stay connected and enjoy a fast internet connection anywhere you go

Being able to enjoy a fast internet connection is great; however, sadly enough there is not always a Wi-Fi hotspot available that you can connect to with your beloved laptop. Luckily there are 3G USB sticks that provide you with lightning fast internet connections no matter where you’re at – allowing you to browse the web on your laptop at any time and thus immensely increasing your productivity on-the-go.

Simply insert your 3G compatible SIM card, plug in the wireless 3G USB Modem, and you’re ready to surf! The required driver files come straight of the USB modem so once you plug in the dongle the installation starts and you’ll be able to connect to the internet no matter where you are.

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